Pharrell Discusses Giving Justin Timberlake Songs He Wrote For Michael Jackson

Super-producer Pharrell was the most recent guest on Steve Stoute’s “Tanning America” series via Huffington Post.

During his visit to the show, Pharrell opens up about how music he intended to write for Michael Jackson became major hits for Justin Timberlake:

“Funny story is, when we were working on it, Michael called …he just called me and he was eating popcorn in my ear over the phone, and he was like, “Oh, so you’re working with Justin, how’s it going?” I remember just thinking to myself, “Man, I wish Michael could hear these songs.” And later on, after those songs came out and they were really huge thanks to Justin’s talent and what he had to offer, I’ll never forget the day that me and Michael met up. And he sang me those songs, sounding like Justin. And he said, “You should’ve gave those songs to me.” And I’m like, “You know those were your songs.”

You learn something new everyday, eh?

Watch below: