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Flix: Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Embarks On Modeling Career In Teen Vogue

Selah Marley, the 12-year-old daughter of Lauryn Hill & granddaughter of Bob Marley, is getting serious about her modeling career in 2012.

After a meeting with a modeling agent who is a friend of the family in 2010, Selah has been easing herself into the industry with occasional jobs like a runway show for Macy’s. “I was in a hotel with my dad, and I was just joking around and said, ‘Oh yeah, Daddy, I want to model,'” she says. “I don’t know—the camera is just fun.

Though she occasionally raids her mom’s for designer finds like high-heeled Y-3 sneakers and Gucci corsets (a favorite for modeling go-sees), she shops mostly at nearby stores like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. “My style is always different. Sometimes it’s preppy, sometimes it’s chic,” she says. Fashion aside, Selah loves Justin Bieber and spends most of her free time on Facebook (“it’s so addictive”)—that is, when she’s not tussling with her “rambunctious” brothers. “If I were ever to go to war and come back as a veteran and make a speech, I’d say I got more scars fighting with my brothers than in the war,” she says, laughing.(Source)

She is so gorgeous; reminiscent of her mother in the 90s (above).

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For Discussion: Is Cassie Just A Pretty Face? Listen To Her Latest Single

Despite several delayed projects, Cassie is still trying to make her mark in the music industry.

The gorgeous singer recently released the one-minute demo version of her highly anticipated single, “King of Hearts”, in preparation her forthcoming Bad Boy album.

Listen below to the production-heavy dance single:

I’ve loved Cassie’s music since “Me & You” — “King of Hearts” is no exception. I’m opposed to oft-repeated “she needs to stick to modeling” comments from avid blog readers.  I just wish she’d release more singles & promote herself instead of being so low-key.

Do you think Cassie more than just a pretty face? Or should she stop pursuing a reputable career as an artist?

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