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Get The Look: Celebrities In ‘Love The Truth’ Apparel

There is a new brand on the horizon that has been spotted on a multitude of celebrities, such as actor/author Hill Harper & LA Lakers star, Matt Barnes among many others.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, ‘Love The Truth’ clothing encourages people to wear their heart on their sleeves. What’s more, the apparel has recently been seen on several red carpets (such as this year’s BET Rip The Runway) & one of my favorite television shows, “Khloe & Lamar”.

I’m loving the brand’s message & I definitely love the truth! Click HERE to get the look! Also, click HERE to like the brand on Facebook.

Basketball Wives: LA Recap – Why Are All The Ladies So Fake?

I struggled to do a recap of this week’s episode of Basketball Wives: Los Angeles due to my disappointment with the series’ new plot twist.

When the show initially began, the juicy gossip & drama commenced almost immediately with the fight between Laura & Malaysia (click HERE to re-watch), then two of the cast members jumped ship (Kimsha Artest & Tanya Williams) after the second episode. THEN almost every episode afterward centered around Draya (who’s at least a decade younger than most of the cast), her life story  & how much everyone hated her.

Now, the tables have turned — it seems as though the show’s producers have made it so that two of the show’s main characters Jackie Christie  & Laura come off crazy, condescending, childish & overly dramatic. Gloria & Imani have very boring storylines, while Draya & Malaysia are now the show’s only likable characters.

On last night’s episode, the only thing I wanted to know was why the ladies are so fake? If you’re a grown woman & have a problem with someone, address it — don’t go out of your way to act overly friendly.

The first instance took place during Matt & Gloria’s day event, in which Jackie went from talking badly about Laura, to running up & hugging her:

Wait — What just happened? Arguing over girdles?

It then happens again at the second part of Matt & Laura’s charity event:

In last night’s final scene, the ladies plot a trip to Hawaii. While discussing details for the trip, Gloria, Jackie & Imani state who they dislike — then decide to invite everyone on the trip. I was confused, again

I need this show to get back on track, & soon. At this point, I can’t see it getting a second season.

Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan Make Breakup Official

I’m not sure what reality television does to couples, but it seems as though the Basketball Wives franchise has taken it’s latest casualties. 

Moving from Basketball Wives: Miami to Basketball Wives: LA, Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan have had their share of hardships, inclusive of a failed marriage, allegations of domestic abuse & a variety of people rooting for their downfall (remember how Shaunie, Evelyn & Jennifer heckled Gloria for not walking down the aisle?). 

Just in time for tonight’s episode latest episode of Basketball Wives, Matt Barnes has released an official statement regarding his breakup with Gloria:

“I’d like to address the rumors surrounding mine and Gloria’s relationship. We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.”

Hopefully their separation doesn’t affect their children. However, based on their lack of onscreen chemistry, I’m sure this decision was for the best.


Basketball Wives LA Recap: Jackie Christie Is The New Enemy

When the Basketball Wives: LA series began, Draya seemed to be an immediate target. Now that we are midway through the season, it seems as if the new enemy is the oh-so-dramatic Jackie Christie.

Last night’s episode picked up where it left off last week, with Draya & Jackie as newfound best friends. As Draya is in the process of creating her bikini line (click HERE to see photos of the collection), she selects Jackie as her mentor (I suppose because Jackie is also a designer):

Draya also attended an improv class last night. As we saw in the season’s very first episode, she was introduced to the crew through Gloria Govan, who is also an aspiring actress:

Gloria & Matt’s relationship is made even more confusing when they take their sons to church for baptism. I still have yet to understand the chemistry in their relationship:

Anyway, Jackie & Draya continued to strengthen their bond when Jackie asks Draya to model clothing for her line. She even compliments Draya on her physical beauty & cute figure in a scene that is way too contrived:

In the final scene of last night’s episode, Jackie confides in Gloria (Laura’s sister) that Laura has been speaking ill of her in her absence. Though I believe blood is thicker than water, Jackie chose to further divulge details about the issues that she has with Laura — again, to her sister:

Jackie was once a really likable character (I use that word because I’m willing to bet that she’s not this crazy in real life) I’m not sure about the show’s new direction…

The Basketball Wives of LA Hit The Scene For Charity

The newest set of “Basketball Wives” are making various promotional appearances before their show’s debut later this month.

Most recently the ladies attended the 3rd Annual Athletes vs.Cancer Celebrity Golf Tournament and Gala at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA hosted by LA Lakers player, Matt Barnes & cast member Gloria Govan. Athletes vs. Cancer was founded by Matt Barnes in 2007 after his mother succumbed to breast cancer.

Fellow Lakers Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher & Ron Artest (not pictured) were also  in attendance along with the “Basketball Wives”.

Check out more photos below!

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