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Vanessa Bryant On Luxuries of Being A Basketball Wife: ‘I’ve Collected Birkin Bags’

I started to simply make my headline, “Vanessa Bryant Speaks”, as it is a rarity for the NBA wife to open her mouth. However, NY Mag somehow got Kobe Bryant’s wife to speak — somehow.

In an article entitled: “The Belles of B-Ball: How NBA Players’ Wives Vie for Fashion Dominance” (what better article to have in their September issue?), Vanessa spoke about the opulent lifestyle being the wife of the NBA superstar has afforded her, as well as fame & her alleged dislike for Khloe Kardashian.

On expensive purses:

“I’m not really a handbag person anymore,” says Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa. “I’ve collected Birkin bags, Chanel 2.55 jumbo flap bags, and the Marc Jacobs Stephen Sprouse collection for Louis Vuitton since I was a teenager. But now, as they say, everyone and their mom is buying a Birkin or a regular size 2.55 bag in black, taupe, or beige. I’ve been sticking to a magenta suede Proenza Schouler bag.”

On (real life) basketball wives fame:

 “I thought things would go away, if you don’t feed into the b.s., and no one would think about you,” says Bryant, sitting on a black horseshoe-shaped couch on the palazzo outside of her pastel Newport Coast mansion, the Pacific spread beneath her, a Pomeranian named Gucci at her feet. “Now I realize I do have to talk about certain things. Still, I don’t like the limelight. There’s a lot of good you can do with fame, like creating awareness for a foundation, but a lot of negativity comes along with it.”

On her rocky relationship with Kobe

[Though sources] speculated that she would end up with half of Kobe’s estimated $150 million fortune… the relationship is on the mend, at least for now. “Um,” she says, “yes. We’re working on things.”

On her inspirations & Kobe Bryant’s style

“I’m inspired by Ann Miller and Monica Bellucci,” she says. “My mom dressed so ladylike, with high-waisted knee-length skirts, nylons, and long tailored coats, always on her way to work.” As far as Kobe’s style goes, “for the longest time I tried convincing Kobe that he should wear things a little more fitted,” she says. “And for years and years he was like, ‘I don’t feel comfortable, I feel like they rise.’ And now all of a sudden the stylist says it, and it makes sense…

Combatting stereotypes:

“I think people imagine that I sit at home with all the time in the world to do my hair and makeup, but that’s certainly not the case,” she says. “I’m up at 6:30 in the morning with my kids. I’m taking them wherever they need to go.”

On her alleged conflict with Khloe Kardashian:

“Everything is false,” she says. “Khloé was at my 29th birthday. I don’t get involved in the drama. I’ve been with Kobe since I was 17, so I’ve seen plenty of players, and plenty of wives, come and go. It wouldn’t benefit me whatsoever to have an issue with any of them, whether they were a girlfriend, or a wife, a person-of-a-month, or … you know. And I think that’s why the Lakers as an organization give me the access that I have, that other wives don’t have.”

On being married to a winner:

“I love basketball. And I know what goes on behind the scenes, so I have a different perspective on things, but still, I do. I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can’t win championships. If you’re sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year.”

Kudos to NY Mag on a great interview! Click HERE for more.

BRIX EXCLUSIVE: Ray Lavender Talks Michael Jackson, Music & His Acting Career

Accolade after accolade, Ray Lavender is definitely a winner:

After scoring a hit single with “My Girl Gotta Girlfriend”, who can forget him winning Omarosa’s heart on Donald Trump’s “The Ultimate Merger”?

Not to mention, Lavender was signed to Akon’s Konlive record label — alongside none other than Lady Gaga. Following collaborations with the likes of R. Kelly, Tank & T.Pain among others, Ray Lavender is now a member of a new independent label, Global Artist Group.

I recently had the pleasure to catch up with Mr. Lavender to discuss his current & future endeavors, including new music, his recent cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”, his forthcoming starring role in a Sam Cooke biopic & whether or not he still talks to Omarosa.

Check out our interview below:

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Sneak Peek: Oprah Interviews Whitney Houston’s Family, Bobbi Kristina Speaks

On Sunday, March 11, Oprah sits down with Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina; her sister-in-law, Patricia Houston; and her brother, Gary Houston, on a special episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter airing at 9/8c, only on OWN. Bobbi Kristina shares personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered. The family also addresses the rumors and speculation surrounding Houston’s death.

Watch a sneak peek below:

Of the interview, Bobbi Kristina says that Oprah “was loyal to [her] mom, & never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom.”

As a result, Bobbi feels Oprah would show her the same respect by not bringing up issues that could potentially show Bobbi in a negative light.

According to sources close to Bobbi, Oprah was one of the first people who reached out to her after Whitney passed.

Will you be watching?

Oprah Winfrey Lands Interview With Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina

Following the death of Whitney Houston, the media has been in quite a frenzy with rumors surrounding the family of one of music’s most beloved figures. Many have also wondered who would be the first to acquire an interview with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina. What comes as a surprise to virtually no one, the honor goes to Oprah Winfrey.

The media mogul, who was also invited to Whitney’s funeral, has scored an interview with family members of Whitney Houston, including daughter Bobbi Kristina

The show “Oprah’s Next Chapter” will feature Houston’s only daughter as well as Patricia Houston, her sister-in-law and manager, and Houston’s brother Gary. It is scheduled to air next Sunday. 

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Awkward: Trey Songz Shuts Down Interviewer After She Makes Distasteful Chris Brown Joke (Video)

While making his promotional rounds, Trey Songz recently sat down for an interview with radio station, Wild 94.9.

During the series of interview questions, the host decided to ask Trey about his pick-up lines, referencing Chris Brown:

“Another rumor going around about Chris Brown picking up on the ladies, his supposed pick-up line is ‘Hey, can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you.’ How do you pick up on the ladies?”

Watch how Trey Songz responds below:

I may not be the biggest fan of Chris Brown as a person but I find her joke to be in very poor taste & also very unprofessional. Why would she think that was appropriate?