Oprah Winfrey Returns To The Big Screen For The First Time In Nearly 15 Years

Aside from her various small screen productions, Oprah has not starred in a film (excluding voiceovers in animated films) since 1998’s film adaptation of Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”… That will change very soon for the forthcoming film, “The Butler”.

According to Shadow & Act, Oprah is confirmed to play Forest Whitaker’s wife in the movie, directed by Lee Daniels. 

Daniels told USA Today that he wrote the role specifically for Oprah, and that she, “was looking for something and we’re friendly and we were just trying to figure out the right thing.”

When asked how he prepared to direct her, he jokingly answered, “I don’t know. Quietly; she’s not producing this, she’s an actor on this one.” 

Daniels says that he’s proud of the project, and considers The Butler, “a black version of Forrest Gump.”

The script is said to be done. Jane Fonda is slated to play Nancy ReaganJohn Cusack is rumored as Richard Nixon and Liam Neeson also rumored as Lyndon B. Johnson.

Star-studded cast, for sure — & if this is anything like “Forrest Gump” (one of my favorite movies), I will be front & center in the theater.