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Disney Announces Plans To Release ‘Avengers’ Sequel

After an unprecedented weekend at the box office, it looks at though Disney execs are going for round two.

According to The Life Files:

Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed the plans to film the sequel to the blockbuster film. There is no coincidence here being that ‘The Avengers’ has broken major record’s with $702 Million grossed worldwide. 


I had the opportunity to see the film on Sunday & I thoroughly enjoyed it; funny & action-packed! Have you seen “The Avengers” yet? Thoughts?

Moving On: Disney Wants X-Factor’s Rachel Crow To Star In Shows & Films

Looks as everything truly does happen for a reason. 

Popular X-Factor contestant Rachel Crow was voted off of the reality competition last week in a shocking elimination, however now it seems as if it was for better.

According to Hollywood Life, Rachel Crow‘s elimination from the X Factor hasn’t hurt her career one bit. In fact, Disney was glad Rachel didn’t win, because they want to make her a star. And now that process is speeding up.

Rachel might actually do some walk ons and voice overs on already established Disney Channel shows before she gets her own gig. They want to ease her in the process with the main goal being her own show. They are also going to talk to her about doing some songs for Disney Channel movies and then appearing in the show as herself and performing the songs.

Everything is on the table right now as they still have the meeting to take place, but excitement is running through everyone, as all parties believe that this is a home run situation, and it will work amazingly well,” the source adds.

Kudos to her! She was my favorite contestant on the show & I couldn’t be happier that her dreams are coming to fruition. 

In case you missed Rachel’s elimination, watch below: