Jennifer Brix Black

Jennifer Brix is a published writer with experience covering subjects such as celebrity news, as well as personal style, beauty and women’s lifestyle.

Jennifer started in 2009. With an ever-growing readership, the site became a prominent online source for pop culture and fashion. Jennifer’s diverse audience, up-to-date reports, celebrity interviews and event coverage thus allowed her to find her niche in entertainment. Due to Jennifer’s online influence, she was chosen as a finalist for the 2011 CBS Most Valuable Blogger awards. In order to pursue her ambitions in multi-platform journalism, however, became Jennifer’s online portfolio/website in 2012.

Jennifer’s social media proficiency and writing aptitude have created opportunities with major media outlets such as CBS Radio and NBC Universal. She has also been featured on, but not limited to,, Washington Post Express, Black Sports Online and Vibe Vixen.

After five years of covering celebrity, fashion and beauty news for a variety of print and online media outlets, in July of 2014, Jennifer extended her brand with Pink Brix Boutique. Visit the celebrity-inspired fashion jewelry and accessory boutique here.

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