A New Direction…

A New Direction…

My website is finally back! This time, however, with a new look and direction.

Since temporarily closing my site, I’ve kept busy with the continued development of my online boutique, relocating and a shift in my career. I’m so happy to share that the new direction of is meant to reflect the latter.

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Brix Bakes: Pumpkin Earthquake Cake


Thanksgiving week was a blast! Not only did I celebrate a birthday, I also got to spend valuable time with my loved ones. I celebrated the holiday week by trying out new recipes, too!

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Brix Bakes: Low-Carb Cheesy Turkey and Egg Bake


After a summer spent adjusting to a new job, a new city and a new apartment, I’ll admit that my diet hasn’t been the best lately. Add outings with new friends and back-to-back vacations to that equation and my eating habits have almost completely gone awry!

Fortunately, I’ve made strides to get back on track, including baking more high-protein, low-carb meals from scratch.

Check out an easy, albeit delicious, recipe for Cheesy Turkey and Egg Bake below!

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Brix Mix: Tummy-Flattening Detox Water


Since starting my new online jewelry boutique – Pink Brix – in July, I’ve thrown most of my spare time and energy into building the brand. The good news: the business is going well! The bad news? I’ve completely abandoned my personal blog!

Fortunately, I’ve been baking, traveling and reading a lot lately and gathering inspiration all the while – and when I feel inspired, I blog.

Check out my latest source of inspiration below!

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Brix Tips: How to Find the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape


Recently I’ve developed a serious affinity for eyewear.

Whether it’s a pair of clear lenses or oversized sunglasses, I love with the way a pair of frames can give you an immediate new look! However, as I have a heart-shaped face with a prominent jawline and big cheeks, I’ve realized that every pair of glasses doesn’t work in my favor.

Read on to see a few tips I’ve learned along the way shopping for the perfect pair and discover how you can find the right glasses for your face, too!

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