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An Introduction to Pink Brix Boutique

Pink Brix Boutique

For the past three months on my social media channels, I’ve been mentioning Pink Brix to my friends and followers without giving away too much information regarding what it is (beyond an online jewelry boutique).

I’ve been working very diligently for over eight months to put everything together, and I’m so excited to announce that tomorrow is the big day to introduce my new business to you all!

Read on to learn a little more about the Pink Brix story.

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Brix Tips: How to Find the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape


Recently I’ve developed a serious affinity for eyewear.

Whether it’s a pair of clear lenses or oversized sunglasses, I love with the way a pair of frames can give you an immediate new look! However, as I have a heart-shaped face with a prominent jawline and big cheeks, I’ve realized that every pair of glasses doesn’t work in my favor.

Read on to see a few tips I’ve learned along the way shopping for the perfect pair and discover how you can find the right glasses for your face, too!

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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Lips Appear Bigger

Jennifer Brix

Though I was born with naturally full lips, I still like to play them up with different makeup tricks. Check out four of my favorite quick & easy ways to play up my lips and make them appear (even) bigger!

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