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Pink Brix Boutique Set to Close on February 29, 2016

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All good things must come to an end…

After two amazing years, on February 29, 2016, I’ll officially be closing up shop at Pink Brix Boutique.

In addition to working professionally in the digital marketing industry, I’ve always had an affinity for fashion, budget hunting and shopping online. As a result, this boutique started as a labor of my love in my bedroom in Durham, North Carolina, and grew into an online shopping destination for women who reside in places I’ve never been, to men (who contacted us via email and phone) in search of the perfect item for their girlfriends and wives, to fashion-forward young women inspired by our social media brand ambassadors, such as @RomyGlamBeauty and @Napturalelenore.

As the founder of Pink Brix, I have sincerely enjoyed meeting and getting to know each and every one of our customers. At this time, however, I have decided to focus on other professional endeavors.

I would like to genuinely thank each and every person who has supported my boutique since 2014! You are certainly appreciated.

Moving forward: Starting on Monday, February 1, Pink Brix will no longer be offering returns, refunds or exchanges. Starting on Tuesday, February 2, Pink Brix will no longer be restocking sold out items or offering digital gift cards.

Be sure to stay in the loop about the MAJOR going-out-of-business sales on social media! Be sure to follow @PinkBrix on Instagram and Twitter for updates, also find Pink Brix on Facebook by clicking here.


Jennifer Brix

Brix Bakes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

After a rather nerve-wracking week, I went to my favorite place to mitigate my frustrations: the kitchen. No, not a bar or a club.

When I’m under duress – and if I’m not in the mood for writing or retail therapy – preparing a hearty meal is often my favorite way to unwind. So, I texted my boyfriend on Friday and invited him over for an Italian-themed dinner!

Check out an easy, yummy recipe for Italian sausage tortellini below.

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The Benefits of Promotional Marketing for Your Brand

In college, I worked a slew of retail jobs, including Starbucks, Harris Teeter, PF Chang’s and Aldo.

Though I don’t miss standing on my feet throughout 6- to 8-hour shifts for minimum wage, I do miss the interaction with others. I’ve always been what my elementary school teachers describe as a “social butterfly” – in other words, I love to engage others.

promopostWhile I’m grateful for gainful employment since graduating from college, in the confines of an office, you don’t get to mingle with too many new faces. So, the social aspect, in addition to stress-free supplemental income, are the reasons why I decided to spend some of my spare time this summer working promotional modeling gigs.

I get so many questions from friends and family members wondering what promotional modeling is – and why it’s worthwhile – that I wanted to write a post about it, from a brand strategist’s point of view. 

Side note: I’ve also included some photos in this post from my most recent gig at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival in Cary, North Carolina, where I worked as an ambassador for George Dickel (a brand of whiskey based out of Tennessee).
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A New Direction…

My website is finally back! This time, however, with a new look and direction.

Since temporarily closing my site, I’ve kept busy with the continued development of my online boutique, relocating and a shift in my career. I’m so happy to share that the new direction of is meant to reflect the latter.

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Brix Bakes: Pumpkin Earthquake Cake


Thanksgiving week was a blast! Not only did I celebrate a birthday, I also got to spend valuable time with my loved ones. I celebrated the holiday week by trying out new recipes, too!

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