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Style Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez’s American Idol Fashion

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Some things are undeniable. For instance, if I were to say that Jennifer Lopez rarely gets it wrong when it comes to style, few would disagree.

Lately, I’ve been inspired (and in awe) of J. Lo’s many fashion-forward looks en route to her judging stint on American Idol. So, l invite you to take a moment to peruse all of her fabulousity for a moment.

Check out some of Jennifer Lopez’s best American Idol looks below!

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10 Small Ways to Cut Calories Without Noticing


When people ask me about my weight loss, they often assume I’ve deprived myself of foods I love in order to drop pounds. However, I still enjoy “cheat foods” like cake and pizza in moderation.

In order to maintain my weight loss, I’ve learned more than a few ways to cut calories without making a dramatic difference in my day-to-day agenda. Check out ten tips below!

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Brix Mix: Delicious Body by Vi Shake Recipes for Weight Loss


Spring is here – which means bikini season is right around the corner.

Around this time of year, I like to start replacing one meal each day with a protein shake. Though Body by Vi is my meal replacement brand of choice, the recipes that I use may also be used with virtually any meal replacement product.

Check out a few of my weekly favorites below!

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