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Quote of The Week

If you’ve been tuning in to season two of Bravo’s reality series, “Shahs of Sunset”, I’m sure you’re familiar with Lilly Ghalichi. 

In case you haven’t watched: Lilly, otherwise known as the “Persian Barbie”, graduated top of her class in law school, pursued a career as an attorney  then abandoned law to pursue her fashion and beauty ambitions. 

Though I am an avid connoisseur of beauty and fashion, education is always foremost. I absolutely love this quote from her! 


  • Clea Townsend on Jan 05, 2013 Reply

    it's not "proud to of accomplished." you should have written it as, "proud to have accomplished." Where's the editor? lol

    • Jennifer Brix on Jan 07, 2013 Reply

      LOL You know what? I\’m just now seeing the error. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!!

  • Nancy B on Jan 03, 2013 Reply

    Reaching your goals is motivational, stimulating and attractive . When you keep what is important in front of you, you can look back and see what you left behind .

  • Morgan Benson on Dec 29, 2012 Reply

    Shes an attorney , thats hot! Love your site and hope to follow in your footsteps one day. Smooches <3

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