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Yay or Nay? – Wendy Williams Showcases A Natural Look For Her ‘Makeunder’

Wendy Williams, who is known for critiquing celebrities, has made herself vulnerable to criticism by posing makeup-free in a new feature with XOJane:

“Once Wendy took off her TV make-up, we could see that the 47-year-old personality has the kind of flawless skin that can carry any of the tones in her 6 or 7 regular-use wigs. She even has a short “Anna Wintour” wig for the gym — so glam! Wendy doesn’t show her hair beacause it’s thinned by her thyroid disease, but she did pull up her wig to give us an “exclusive” look at her natural ponytail.”

Wendy was skeptical of the Makeunder concept at first. “My idea of made under is different than yours,” she added. After some negotiating, we convinced Wendy to cut her extensive on-camera beauty regimen down to just four key products.”

Donning a thin layer of foundation, a bit of concealer, mascara & blush, Wendy posed for a few “natural” poses.

This is definitely a vast difference from the media mogul’s normal look. Would you give Wendy Williams’ “make under” a yay or a nay?

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