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Behind-The-Scenes: ‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Natalie Nunn’s Wedding (Video)

As I attended a wedding on Saturday in North Carolina, it seems as though Natalie Nunn was also tying the knot across the country (click HERE for more photos).

After posting photos from the ceremony, I received a video & the following message from a producer that filmed the wedding:

As you all know, Natalie and Jacob got secretly married this past weekend. I was
producer on a project we did with Natalie and Jacob. We shot an exclusive video with
them that was released last night. If you could, please post the link to your site.
People are saying that it reminds them of the new Kim K and Kris H (???)… let us know
your opinion.

Watch below:

Natalie definition seems to have humbled herself & changed for the better. Your thoughts?

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