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Quote of the Day: Drake Admits To Having Sex Tapes

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Who knew Drake was such a bad boy? Evidently not many people will ever be aware of Drake’s naughty side because he is smart about the moves that he makes.

In a recent interview with the Winnipeg Free Press Drake revealed that fans will never see him drunk nor will any of his sex tapes be released to the public: 

 “I don’t live recklessly. I don’t have skeletons in my closet. It’s not necessarily me covering it up or trying to be defensive, I just don’t do the dumb s**t in the first place to get in trouble. “If I’m drunk, I’mma go out the back door. I ain’t gonna walk out the front so you see me stumbling and dropping my keys. I’m not that guy, I’m not that dumb. “I wanna be in this position as long as I possibly can. I mean, I will be honest, any sex tape I’ve ever made, I own it.”

Alrighty then


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  • mshollandsthoughts on Apr 25, 2012 Reply

    He just wanted people to know he had a sex tape. He been high and drunk in public.

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