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Justin Bieber Fans Issue CNN Death Report For ‘Akeelah’ Actress Keke Palmer

Though Beyonce & Rihanna fans give Justin Bieber fans a run for their money, the Beehive nor the Rihanna Navy would ever anything so malicious as to issue a death warrant for a fellow celebrity.  

 It all started last night when “Akeelah & The Bee” star Keke Palmer tweeted about how sexy Justin Bieber looked in the teaser for his new “Boyfriend video”:

 To the dismay of the actress, the Beliebers decided to fake a retweet from CNN claiming that Keke had passed away in a car accident:

 After making #RIPKEKEPALMER a trending topic (which lasted for nearly 12 hours), Keke went on a Twitter rant filled with expletives and religious anecdotes:

 Poor thing. This is a prime example of Twitter gone wrong.

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