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Jay-Z Launches New Facebook Game Inspired By His Life

“…go from hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul.” Not only is that the story of Jay-Z’s success, but it’s also the premise of his new video game crafted for Facebook. Sounds fun right?

Entitled Empire, Jay-Z’s game enables the Facebook user to create character, give it a look & a name, then perform in a series of challenges to come out on top. 

 According to Mashable, You can visit your mom or significant other for moral support, engage in a rap battle or make a mix tape for street cred, & get a job to pay for your bling, among other activities.

Earned points help you move out of the projects & into the “hotspots of the rich & famous” in Manhattan. The game also features several ways to invite Facebook friends to play or share activity on your Timeline.

Click HERE to play!


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