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Basketball Wives Recap: Evelyn Goes After Kenya With A Bottle (Video)

All hell broke loose on last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives”.

In case you haven’t been following the drama: After Kesha told Evelyn that Kenya called her “loose”, Kenya vehemently denied it. Long story short, viewers spent an hour watching Evelyn talk about how she was going to beat Kenya up over something that was allegedly said.

Things came to a head when all the ladies met up for dinner & drinks to discuss the matter at hand, resulting in Evelyn’s weak attempt to throw a bottle at Kenya for lying.

Watch it all go down below:

Do you think Evelyn overreacted? 


  • jj dooley on Apr 13, 2012 Reply

    you know i am so sick of 40 and 50 and even 30 year old women fighting over bullshit, they are not in high school and i am so sick of tammy and evelyn get over yourself, can shaunie take them both off the show. what going to happen people are going to start filing law suits and stop watching the show. TOOOO OLD FOR THE SHIT

    • Faye on Apr 14, 2012 Reply

      how right you are. evelyn is so hurt about blogging that jen was supposed to have done, but tammie have forgiven her for sleeping with her husband.
      With all that sleeping around, evelyn probably have slep with Shaunnie ex.

      • Micheal on Aug 14, 2012 Reply

        these women are so beautiful on the outside but, the moment they start to cuss, fuss and fight knowing that they're being televised for public view; shows how less classy they really are. I think this show should change a few things because it is a bad influence for young women. As for as their husbands; I feel for you. You may feel that you've got a classy, sexy female on your shoulders but in reality you've got youself a real liability that may not only cost you alot including endorsements.

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