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‘Basketball Wives’ Producers Upset With Jennifer Williams’ Lawsuit + Reunion Show May Not Take Place

Look as though Jennifer Williams’ retaliation (following her fight with Evelyn Lozada’s assistant, click HERE for a full recap) has done nothing but upset everyone directly involved in the matter.

 Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie & the gang are boycotting the reunion show next month if Jennifer is somehow nvolved. According to VH1, the castmates are convinced Jennifer’s lawsuit was filed out of spite & desperation to dredge up drama around her character — in the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season. Evidently Jennifer’s claim of emotional distress is illegitimate because she never missed a day of shooting.

 What’s more, “Basketball Wives” producers are claiming that Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before & further insist that this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting.

 I honestly think all of the ladies are in on the stunt, as it not only drums up publicity for Jennifer Williams but for the show overall. Your thoughts?


  • Guest on Apr 25, 2012 Reply

    why the hell on jennifer anywayz? . if she wants to "change" her life or whatever, that's up to HER. how is it bothering anyone? i mean, are the rest of those women SO INSECURE and/or SENSITIVE that everything jen does is affecting them?? i wouldnt let ANYONE SEE that what someone ELSE is doing is bothering me – i'd let 'em be & go on about my business OR, GET SOME BUSINESS if you dont have any. everybody else changes when they get ready, tami's tryna change, how come nobody's jumping on tami??? any change jennifer makes is taking NOTHING from NO ONE – everyone can still pay their rent/mortgages, eat, get their weaves done, wear a ton of makeup & jewelry, i mean, are these women THAT MUCH OF A BUNCHA CRYBABIES?? or does a BLOG botha you THAT MUCH?? they're acting like JEN got ALOTTAAAA POWER …. everytime you turn around they're YAPPIN' ABOUT JEN – and STILL inviting her to events …. if jen is such a "problem" why keep INVITING HER TO SH**IT??? its like "they" want a punching bag, they want drama …. CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS (i'm not saying names) — CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS ARE MISERABLE whether JEN was IN the picture or not —- i wish they'd leave jen alone & let her LIVE …. Jen is doing her own thing she aint THINKIN' ' any of those BW broads …..

  • tasha on Apr 23, 2012 Reply

    I think that everyone that is upset with Jennifer about this lawsuit needs to sit down and stay in their lane… I recall last season lawsuits where issued as well but no one never made a big deal about them being sued. I.e. Tami and Evelyn. If I was Jennifer I would continue on with the suit and care less about the reunion…You get what you put out. These women are too grown to be physically fighting over what blogs say, keys, and new friends. #KanyeShurgs

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