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‘Mob Wives’ Star Big Ang Reveals The Way To A Man’s Heart

Big Ang, arguably the biggest reality television star to date since Snooki, has revealed the way to a man’s (in her case, a mobster or wise guy) heart — through his stomach. 

In a recent interview, she revealed her favorite dishes for a perfect date. 

“Good food is the way to a wise guy’s heart,” she tells F&W. “That’s for sure. I’m the best cook and they love anything I cook.”

Appetizers: “I make a seafood salad delicious with octopus, scungilli, calamari, shrimps, lobster, crabmeat—I mix it with lemon, garlic, olive oil, parsley and red pepper. I’m very good with the fish dishes. Then I make a nice shrimp cocktail, fried calamari with jalapeño peppers.”

Main Course: “They’ll say ‘Make me fried veal cutlets,’ or ‘Make me chicken cutlets or ‘Make me a nice steak,’ whateva. Wise guys usually like stuff like pork chops pizzaiola, macaroni, linguine and clams, shrimp oreganata, lobster and pork chops with hot peppers. They like a lot of hot things. Like me.”

Dessert: “I don’t do dessert. I buy dessert. Like cannoli and lemon meringue pie.”

Drinks: “Only wine. If I’m having meat, I put red wine. If I’m having fish, I put white. I love Jordan red wine and I love La Scola Gavi de Gavi Black Label.”

So how does Big Ang set the mood for a romantic evening?

“I set the table, I put the wine in the carafe and that’s your table setting. All my lights are on a dimmer so the light is low. If I’m really into it, I light some candles—that’s about it.”

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