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Are Hair Extensions Causing Kim Kardashian To Go Bald? (Photographic Evidence)

Kim Kardashian is known for being well-manicured, glamourous & fashion-forward. So it came as a surprise when paparazzi recently photographed the reality television star in Charles De Gaulle airport looking a bit disheveled. 

Kim was spotted with her hair extensions askew, revealing what appears to be a very thin spot of hair; what some may call thinning edges or alopecia

Clearly the Kardashian sisters get hair extensions, such as Kourtney, who was spotted years ago getting a sew-in weave:

But who knew that Kim suffered from issues similar to every day women who also want to achieve more versatile hairstyles with extensions? 

Check out more celebrities below who also suffer from thinning hair due to extensions pulling at their roots:


  • Jenna on Sep 17, 2012 Reply

    You know that you can get traction alopecia from even wearing a ponytail. Regardless, you know a woman can go bald for many reasons, look at Princess Caroline of Monaco.

  • Hilary Boesiger on May 31, 2012 Reply

    This is my fifth time to your website, I love it every time!

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