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Video: Adele Throws Up Her Middle Finger On Stage, Has A Diva Fit At The BRIT Awards

Though Adele is definitely a class act, people seem to forget that she’s also a 23-year-old with an “in-your-face” personality.

At yesterday’s BRIT Awards, Adele had a great night, similar to the Grammy Awards. The singer took home the biggest award of the night for ‘Album of The Year’. However she was only allowed about 5-seconds to speak before she was rudely cut off for another band’s performance.

Unsatisfied with her treatment, Adele promptly flipped the bird & exited stage left. Watch below:

After the award show aired, Adele promptly stated: “I’m sorry if I offended anyone, it was the suits that offended me.” I would be quite offended too.

Do you think Adele was out of line?

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