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Crazy, But True: White Teacher Sues For Right To Use The “N-Word”

I will never accept the “N-word” as a term of endearment, meaning I am still a part of the vast minority that believe it shouldn’t be used so casually. What’s more, I don’t think it’s right to allot the use of the word to one group of people & chastise another group for mimicking what they hear frequently in music that’s played everyday on the radio, among various other places.

On that accord, when I hear crazy stories like this, I’m dumbfounded. 

A Chicago teacher has filed a federal lawsuit against his school district after he was suspended for saying the n-word in a class lesson, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The teacher, Lincoln Brown, who is white, alleges that the black principal at his school and the district violated his civil rights.

Brown, who has taught in predominantly black schools for 21 years, used the n-word in his class on Oct. 4 after a student passed a note to another student with the n-word written on it from a rap song. He then went on to use the book Huckleberry Finn to show how much language can hurt. But according to Brown, as he said the n-word, the principal walked in.

The principal, George Mason, then charged the teacher with “using verbally abusive language to or in front of students” as well as “cruel, immoral, negligent or criminal conduct or communication to a student, that causes psychological or physical harm.”

He was then suspended by Mason and appealed, but he was rejected.

If this is indeed the sequence of events, than the entire ordeal makes no sense, however, there are always three sides to every story (your side, my side & the truth). But can we just stop using stop using the word altogether? After all, it is a word that was derived from a racial epithet.

Your thoughts?

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