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For Discussion: Tyler Perry Defends Kim Kardashian, Addresses “Mad Black Women”

Kim Kardashian is causing quite an uproar. But is that really a surprise?

Since the news of Kim’s role in the Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” hit the internet, fans & followers of the popular director have sent Tyler Perry productions a myriad of angry e-mails, stating their disapproval of his casting decision. Several people are even creating a petition to get Kim removed from the forthcoming film all together.

Instead of remaining silent on the issue, Perry finally decided to speak & release a message to his fans, not only defending Kim but also criticizing the behavior of “angry black women”. 

Read below:

I think many of you know that this is a very difficult time of year for me, so what I try to do is make sure that I’m working during this time. All I wanted to do was shoot a great film and try to keep my mind off the holiday grief that I have been experiencing for the past two years. I could not have imagined I’d be getting all these emails about Kim Kardashian. I HAVE SEEN THEM!! YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD!! …LOL. Now, may I say something? Can a brother get a word in?….LOL. Y’all gave me a new movie title, Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman Cause You Hired Kim Kardashian, Don’t Make Me Take Off My Earrings and Boycott Yo A**.”…LOL. Some of my ladies are upset. Ok, all jokes aside, can I have my say? Will you at least here me out?

After I finished writing this movie, I sat back and re-read it. Half way through my read, the gravity of what I had written hit me. I knew that this message was not only for my age group, but for all audiences, especially the youth. ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH!! YOUNG FOLKS NEED TO SEE THIS!!! And not just the young people that follow me, but the young people that are following other young people, as well. I wanted a younger cast, that’s why I put Jurnee in the lead and invited Lance Gross, Robbie Jones and Brandy. About two months ago, long before I even heard about Kim’s marriage or divorce, I was trying to finish up the casting. I said to one of my producers, “who else is out there that young people are looking up to?” One of my producers showed me pictures that his daughter had taken of several hundred kids lined up around the corner to get into a Kardashian store. They wanted to meet Kim. I thought, what better person! She literally has millions of young people following her.

I thought and still do think, that it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film. To have the young people that look up to her, see her in a film that is about, what happens in life when you make the wrong choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, to be honest with you I wasn’t, millions of young people adore her and are following her every move. If one of those young people see this film and find the strength to live a better life and not go through what these characters went through in this movie, then we have all done what I feel I’m being led to do here. I hope you understand. I really do!

And lastly, because I believe that my films speak from the inside out, why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian be invited into a film about Faith, Forgiveness and the healing power of God? What is wrong with that??

There has to be a hint of sarcasm in Perry’s message. Kim is a role model for our youth? She’s an advocate for the healing power of God? Really? 

As I’ve stated, I do think that her casting in the film may potentially garner a more mainstream audience as well as potentially affecting the film’s overall  box office revenue. Great publicity ploy on his part, I guess.

What are your thoughts on Tyler Perry’s message?


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