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Drake On Nicki Minaj: “Someone I Could Spend My Life With”

If I could nominate celebrities that give the most candid, fun interviews, Drake would be in my top 5 — he always finds a way to tell just enough to keep us guessing, without divulging too much. 

The Take Care rapper recently interviewed with The Daily Beast to talk about topics ranging from his alleged fight with Chris Brown to his love for Nicki Minaj. Check out a few interview highlights below:

On His Relationship With Chris Brown:

“I respect Chris Brown. I’d like to call myself a friend—I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that. But I definitely didn’t get elbowed in my face. Somebody would’ve got knocked the f**k out.” 

On His Relationship With His Mother & Father:

“My mother made me truly appreciate women. I obviously make sex-driven, darker, sexier music, but I try not to offend women in them. It’s not in my character. And my father was basically a reverse-role model for me. I’m dying to be a great dad one day, whenever that day comes. Other than that, it was hard just growing up with my mom and watching her fight for me to have a good childhood. It was tough to watch.”

Why Nicki Minaj Is The Perfect Woman For Him:

“If there’s any woman in my life that’s the ideal woman for me, it’s definitely Nicki. I like the stripped-down Nicki. I like Nicki with no makeup, black hair, some casual clothes in a recording booth rapping an amazing verse. That’s sexy to me. I know some great women, but all jokes aside, Nicki is somebody I could spend my life with because I think we understand each other.”

In related news, Drake is projected to sell over 700,000 copies of his sophomore album, Take Care — which means the rapper is set to top the Billboards next week. Kudos to him!

Read the full interview HERE

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  • maeva on Feb 28, 2012 Reply

    i thnk drake n nicki cn make grt couple …..

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