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What Is Going On With Lindsay Lohan’s Face? Part III

Lindsay Lohan’s probation was revoked today, making ‘Breaking News’ headlines all over the media today. At this point, however, Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles are not very surprising to me. If & when she serves real time in prison (as opposed to community service that she always conveniently fails to fulfill), that will be real news to me.

If you care, Lindsay has been sentenced to 480 hours of community service, following her  2007 drunk-driving conviction & a jewelry theft conviction that took place earlier this year.

Anyway, the most intriguing thing about Lindsay’s courtroom visit today was her severe makeup look & overly bleached hair extensions. 

What I think was supposed to be contoured cheeks, thick brows & a smokey eye looked all wrong as she showed up for sentencing today… Let’s also remember that Lindsay is only 25-years-old

What is going on?

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