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Evelyn Lozada Attacks Kimsha Artest, Defends Shaunie O’Neal

Those “Basketball Wives” surely do know how to make people talk…

If you’ve been tuning in to the snooze fest that is Basketball Wives:LA, you’re aware that Kimsha Artest has been absent from virtually every single episode since the show’s debut. Fans that thought Kimsha would be a rather entertaining addition to the series, have been quite upset over her disappearance. What’s more, as Shaunie O’Neal is the creator of & an executive producer for Basketball Wives, she took the brunt of the blame.

Kimsha Artest

Yesterday a message was posted to Kimsha Artest’s unofficial Facebook page in response to debacle, in which she allegedly had nothing nice to say about Shaunie, Evelyn Lozada or cast member Laura Govan:

I see they cut me off the show and left buckle ass b*tches. shaunie oneal can kiss my ass. she kisses ass to that evelyn b*tch and gets the b*tch who f*cked her husband and cut her a cheque but cant handle a real woman. FOH!

Since Evelyn got word of her name being mentioned in a negative way, she took to Twitter to clear things up:

**CLEARING THINGS UP** @ShaunieONeal does not have anything 2 do with the LA show!If your scenes were edited then that means u were a NMFF!

I think it’s ridiculous 2 place blame on someone if your scenes didn’t make the cut! Everything we say doesn’t! Some more than others.

FYI – I’m not kissing anyone’s ass or vice versa! I been friends with Shaunie for 6 years now, way before BBall Wives existed! #Loyal

I’m not taking shots either, but some of the shit I read is just plain stupid! I’m being a realest & keeping it 100! Blame your self! #Boom

@ShaunieONeal I love u 2! Tired of people blaming u 4 every damn thing that happens! So not cool 2 me!


Since the Facebook posting, Ron Artest has stated that this post was not indeed written by his wife & further that she does not have a Facebook page….Whoops!

Don’t believe everything you see/read online folks!


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