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The Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape Has Fueled A Million Dollar Bidding War

Though word of an existing Jennifer Lopez sex tape began to surface over a year ago (click HERE for a reminder), it appears that it will soon be available to the viewing public.

Last week, a judge ruled in Ojani Noa’s (Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband) favor, allowing public distribution of an intimate video that was shot while the two were married. Thus, the bidding war between multiple porn companies, for rights to the video, has begun.

According to E! Online, Ed Meyer, Ojani Noa’s manager, has stated that the tape is already fetching millions:

“I’ve gotten emails from Pornhub, YouPorn, Pulse Distribution, Red Light District and Kevin Blatt, who brokered Paris Hilton’s sex tape,” Meyer said “If an offer looks good, we’ll definitely take it.”

Though someone could use the “don’t make it if you don’t want people to see it” argument, this is maddening for several reasons: If I recall correctly, Jennifer has taken her ex to court on multiple occasions for trying to release a tell-all book & other defamatory acts. I can’t imagine the level of betrayal she must feel. Not to mention, she’s a mother now. Either he’s a man scorned or extremely jealous of her level of fame.

Read more about the debacle HERE.

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