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Amy Winehouse Returns To Stage With Less Than Impressive Performance (Video)

Following a serious stint in rehab, Amy Winehouse attempted to kick off her comeback tour over the weekend in Belgrade. However, the show didn’t go quite as planned.

According to Popeater, one Serbian publication called [Winehouse’s show] “the worst” concert that locals have ever seen. Tickets were considered exorbitant in a region where citizens earn some of the lowest wages in Europe.

A backup singer took over lead vocals on songs she was struggling with, and boos from the Belgrade audience were widely reported. At one point, Winehouse threw her mic to the floor, when she wasn’t mumbling lyrics.

Check out a bit of the train wreck below:

I’m not sure whether I feel worse for Amy Winehouse or the people that paid to see her perform. Needless to say, the remaining tour dates have been canceled

The most heartbreaking thing about watching this video is realizing how far she’s fallen from grace. Despite winning a whopping five Grammys in 2008 & creating one of the most genius albums of our generation, she’s wasted a golden opportunity for a successful career on booze & drugs. As an avid fan, I hate to admit it, but Amy Winehouse may be washed up.

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