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Today’s Favorite… Simmons Fabulosity

The Kimora clan recently posed for an adorable Christmas portrait. Love it.

In other Simmons news, Russell Simmons recently created a blog on Global Grind entitled, “White Women Will Bust Your Sh*t In Just Like…” in which he discusses the racial issue in the Tiger Woods debacle:

“…for many, many onlookers, race is becoming the central theme for discussion. Proof that we are not in a post racial society is hearing a lot of people and a lot of gossip sites saying…”if Tiger was with a black girl” or “if Tiger was married to a Puerto Rican.” I don’t care who Tiger is married to. A woman, no matter what race, will smash your windshield if she finds out that you got girls all over the country…”

“Not for a second do I think that Tiger and Elin are thinking about race. The pain is not a racial pain, but it is a human pain. A pain to reconcile or split. A pain to discuss why mommy and daddy are in the news. A pain to go out in public again…”

I wholeheartedly agree with everything that Simmons states in the blog entry. I’ve grown tired of the snide racial comments about his wife & how she pulled a “black woman” move. Observing the reality of the situation, Elin simply acted on her emotions — which is a universal thing, not a “black” thing.

Russell went on to say:

That little pocket change he is negotiating with his wife right now, $55m to stay for 2 years or $5m to leave, is offensive. Tiger’s lucky he’s not negotiating with Kimora Lee.” (Hilarity)

Click HERE for the full article.

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